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Album Review "NEW and yet so RICH !!" (GERMANY)
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Radio Airplay (USA) 
You can now listen to Borderwars on That Metal radio station
05.28 Digital Booklet available
"The Present Day" Digital Booklet now available  HERE !! 
Radio Airplay "Radio Prezivot" (SLOVAKIA)
Check out the show right  HERE !! 
Album Review "Gold Nugget of Thrash and Groove" (FRCE)
Review from "Metal Impact" HERE !! 
Radio Airplay "Shredding Metal Beasts" (US)
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Album Review "Perfect Metal Album"  (GERMANY)
Review from HERE !! 
Radio Airplay (AUSTRALIA)
Check out Banks Radio to hear some Borderwars down under !! 
Compilation Feature! (FRANCE)
BORDERWARS to be featured in the french metal mag sampler Total Metal Zone's "My mental health degrades"! Release April 21 
Check out the latest interview right here !! 
Album Review: "When melody merges with brutality!"
Review from PORTUGAL's "Metal Imperium" HERE
Album Review "Pure Piece of Thrash Metal !"
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Borderwars is now on rotation on "Metal Onslaught" radio! 
Album Review "So good we want more!" FRANCE !
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Magazine and CD sampler feature (PERU)!
Borderwars featured in "Painfukktory" CD compilation along with the metal magazine ! 
Interview (USA)
Vince interviewed by UM Entertainment right here
Radio Airplay in ARGENTINA
You can listen to Borderwars on Boris Dixit Radio
Radio Airplay "The Painfucktory"
"The Painfucktory" Radio show is now spinning Borderwars 
Mag feature "T.O.K." mag Issue #4
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Radio Airplay in the UK
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Album Review 10/10   (USA)!
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Interview (USA)
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Media Feature
Borderwars featured on "Tenth Power Networx".
Radio Airplay USA
Borderwars can be heard on "Bullspike Radio".
Radio Airplay USA
Borderwars on BODS Mayhem Hour, tuesday on "Uber City Radio".
Radio Airplay USA
Borderwars can be heard on "New Rox Radio".
Radio Airplay USA
Borderwars is now on rotation @ "Tenth of Power" Radio.
Radio Airplay USA
Borderwars on rotation on the "Metal Messiah Radio".
Album Review NETHERLANDS !
Borderwars Review from "Speakers magazine
Radio Airplay New York
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Album Review from GERMANY !
Review can be found in "Zephyr's Odem" Magazine. Check it out here. The review is in German
06.23 Radio rotation
Bwars "Darkness Falls" on "Metal Moose radio".
06.22 Radio rotation
Borderwars gets airtime on "True Metal Lives".
06.21 Radio air time
Borderwars on "Metal Meltdown" @ Venom Radio.
06.20 Radio rotation
Borderwars is on rotation @ "Rock Lab Radio".
06.18 Radio air play
Borderwars to enter rotation on "Total Metal Radio" and "True Metal Lives Radio".
06.17 Radio airplay in FRANCE
You can now hear Borderwars on the "Headbanger Zone"  show (Distorsion Radio-96FM-France).
06.17 Radio airplay
Bwars on rotation at "Metal Rocks Radio"
06.16 Radio interview
Toolio was interviewed on the "Thrash zone" radio show with Billy Boldt (oregon, usa) check it out here.
06.11 Radio rotation in the US
Borderwars to enter rotation on "Nuclear Rock Radio"
06.10 Radio air play in CANADA
Borderwars to enter rotation on "Metal Nation Radio".
06.09 "Caught in a mosh" Review
Check out this new review of BORDERWARS here
06.08 Radio air play in Oregon
Borderwars to enter rotation on "Digital Revolution Radio"'s "Thrash zone" show with Billy Boldt every Monday.
06.06 Radio air play in GERMANY
"Darkness Falls" is now on rotation on "Virus World Radio"  in Germany.
06.05 Radio air play in ITALY
"The Present Day" is now on rotation on "Materiale Resistente" radio in Italy. The song will be broadcasted on sunday.
05.23 New Review!
"Sick as hell. 4 out of 4 stars..." Read this review from B. Everman from AMG Entertainment here
05.19 Radio rotation
"The Present Day" is now on rotation on "Metal Rod" radio. Songs will be broadcasted every thursday.
04.16 What's up with the new album?
BWars've been working on the follow up to "The Present Day". Up to 9 songs now.. Excerpts will soon be released.
11.11 MetalDescent Album Review
BORDERWARS was featured in's "best of underground heavy metal"  Check it out Here
10.13 In the middle of the "border"woods..
BORDERWARS song "Darkness Falls" from the soon to be released album "The Present Day" was featured in the badass French Horror / slasher Flick "In the middle of the woods" directed by Erik Blanc.
Check it out here 
09.12 The album is done!
The 1st draft of the mix is done!! Sounds totally badass!
Working on details to polish the album before the mastering!! 
06.23 Movie score in FRANCE
Borderwars "Darkness Falls" song from the upcoming "the present day" album will appear in the French Horror Flick "In the middle of the woods" directed by Erik Blanc.
Also the 1st draft of the mix is done!! Sounds totally badass!! 
04.24 Mix of Borderwars album!
"The Present Day Album was dropped of at the studio this morning for a final mix. Should be out this summer!!
It's been a long time so we're Stoked!! 
03.12 New Borderwars songs..!
The 2 News songs are done. they destroy!! 2 more are in the making!!
03.05 Currency .357
Currency's mix is the release! Links will follow when the songs will be up.
02.22 New Borderwars songs..!
2 News songs are in the making right now.. It seems Borderwars' 2nd album is setting up to kick some major ass!!
No title released yet and no recording dates set either..
02.10 Currency .357 first mix
Currency 357's rough mixed of the album "Never Fail" is being reviewed by Vince, Nate, Tulio from Bwars and Alonso from Pounders..The album should be out soon!! 
01.02 Currency album title released
Currency.357's upcoming album will be named "Never Fail".
it is currently being mixed by Steven green a.k.a Snake from Skinlab in Berkeley, Ca
01.01.12 Happy New Year to all!
10.20 Borderwars back at work
With Mad Drama and C .357's albums being mixed.. The boys are getting back together to start the writing process for a new album.
The follow up to the mighty "The Present Day" album is coming.
10.16 New Albums to come
This year, Watch out for new albums from bands Currency .357  and Mad Drama
10.15 Mad Drama's album
Tulio's own punk project Mad Drama's album is in the mixing process.
09.25 Currency's recording is done with..mixing next
All C.357 tracking is complete. Vince, Toolio and Nate along with 
Alonso Hernandez and Chris Surma have finished recording 
Currency 357's 1st album.. Mixing will start soon..
08.30 Toolio in the studio
Toolio is tracking guitars at "Powerwolfe studios" in San Jose,ca 
with Jason Wolfe from bay area's own "A thousand kingdoms".
08.18 Vince tracking vox for Currency .357
Vince went to "Unibrows Studios" (Paris, France) to record Currency .357 's vocals for the upcoming album.
Vox are engineered by Shanka from major french rock bands "No one is innocent" and "The Dukes"!!
01.01 Happy new year
12.15 The end (of the year) is near
Enjoy the holidays
11.09 United we stand
Always remember.. 
04.30 New layout on Myspace
Go check it out
Link on top right tab
07.15 Toolio and Mad Drama
While Toolz has been back to school for a little while..He's made time to get real busy with his band Mad Drama
A new album is being recorded right now
You can find mad drama news on myspace
04.30 Artist of the month
Borderwars was the featured artist of the month in april
04.18 Toolio's new grounds
Toolio has been staying busy with side project ATK
04.17 New album mixing engineer
New album "The Present Day" will be mixed by P.Damiani @ TidalWave Studios Germany
04.16 Recording sesh are done
Recorded by notorious Billy Anderson and Adam Myatt @ at SharkBite Studios (Machine Head, Exodus..).
Pre-mastered by Justin Weis @ Trakworx 
04.16  Record label
Borderwars is now part of Black Hawk Label Records